How to make the best drip coffee: useful tricks.

drip-coffeeIf you love the coffee and can’t really live without, you must know what it means to have a bad coffee. Often, you will need to prepare your own one (can’t always have a barista around, right?) and especially in the office, you might probably need to use a drip coffee machine, which is not the best option possible. But, if you learn the few tricks on how to optimize the process of preparing the coffee with a drip machine, you will be able to have a very good one, that tastes and smells good. So what should you do?

First, start by using the right coffee. It should be fresh and correctly grinded. You should know that coffee already grinded has a life of almost 6 weeks and the ones you find in the supermarket’s shelves are already there from several weeks, which means that there is only a little time left for you to use the whole quantity. Especially for machines like the drip one, we strongly suggest you use fresh coffee from local stores.

Use filter water. Even if you believe that the water in the area you live is good and you actually use it for drinking or cooking, its effect on the coffee might be different as the coffee is much more delicate. Using filtered water will enhance the result and make the coffee taste better.

You need to find the right grind for your espresso machine from – It is very important to use neither too coarse, nor too thin grinded coffee in your drip machine; otherwise the coffee will result too bitter or too light. You should understand what is the right grind for your machine and always use that.

Be correct in the quantities. You need to use not more or less than two tablespoons of coffee for 6oz of water, otherwise the coffee will be either too strong or too weak. Using the right portions of coffee or water will effect directly in the taste and the quality of your coffee, so don’t blame it on the machine.

Special trick: wet the ground. If you have some hot water on hand, sparkle no more than 1 oz of it as this trick will help the extraction process start sooner and you will have a better taste and better foam of the coffee. Not many people know this trick and surprisingly enough it makes quite the difference.

Check the machine’s temperature. If your machine is no longer keeping the temperature needed of 200 F, than maybe it is time for you to buy a new one. What I mean is that you may of course choose to continue using the old machine but the quality of the coffee will not be at optimum and it is not coffee’s fault for that.

My top 5 recipes cooked with the Philips AirFryer

I have always thought that one of the few great pleasures in life is eating fried food. I would do anything for a full bowl of fried potatoes or chicken wings, I’d say yes to anyone who asks me if I’d like some tempura prawns or anything else that comes fried and crispy. The thing is that, like everyone else, I am so much afraid of high cholesterol, obesity or heart conditions that might come along with my preferred food and I dream about a world where you can have lots of fries and never get the fat that comes with it.

Never did I think that someone at Philips had the same dream and he or she went on developing a great idea: the Air fryer Judge. It uses almost 80% less fat and uses hot air to fry the food, which means I can actually have it more frequently and be happier.

So, after receiving one, I tried and experimented some different fried food to see the result and fully understand how it works. I will share now with you what I cooked and what was the outcome, so you can also have a better idea about this magnificent new kitchen device.

Fish and chips

Air-Fryer-Fish-and-ChipsI was surprised to see how the fish fillet was fried evenly even without me turning it around time after time. It was crispy and juicy. The potatoes were also fried on the outside and tasty on the inside. It took me 15 minutes to prepare dinner and I used the food separator to cook both ingredients at once.

Salmon croquettes.
This was really a fast and tasty snack. Again, the croquettes were cooked evenly on every part (which does not happen easily when using a grill) and I did use olive oil to dip the breadcrumbs before crumbing them. The result was great.


The most desirable plate needs really little time and efforts to be prepared. You can put the frozen potato slices directly into the basket of the Airfryer if you want, or you can prepare them from scratch. If so, remember to soak them in salty water first for 10-15 minutes. The cooking time is 15 minutes and you might want to take the basket out and give a swirl after the first 5 ones.

Chicken wings

air-fryer-chicken-wingsUsually, dealing with the fat coming out of chicken wings skin is a very scary thing for me. Not to mention all the hard work of cleaning up afterwards. But with the Airfryer, everything happens inside and you don’t have to either see or do anything, because the fryer does it for you. I poured some seasoning into the wings before placing them in the basket and left them inside for just 10 minutes. Result: crispy and tasty!


Eggplant chips

I sliced the eggplant and sprayed some pepper and oil on them before placing them into the basket. I left them in the Airfryer for 25 minutes, as I wanted to have really crispy ones. They were not dry when they came out. I served with some yogurt. Delicious!

My Review Of SomnoGuard AP Oral Appliance

I was one of those children that used to snore, and it really used to annoy my sister (who I shared a room with) and it pretty much carried on to my late 20’s and it got worse, so I bought an anti snoring mouthpiece so my husband would stop complaing, and I thought I would review it for my readers…

Design & Specifications

SomnoGuard-APThe SomnoGuard AP is a typical boil and bite Mandibular Advancement Device, designed a German based company named Tomed. Created by Dr. Windfried Toussaint, this device has been used by medical professionals for about 16 years in the USA.

This MAD is usually fitted to your mouth by a doctor or dentist with a prescription but can be ordered from a variety of different online resellers outside of the USA for you to fit on your own at home.

It has been approved by the FDA, however it is till unavailable for purchase online in the USA at this time. I assume that this will will change fairly soon as many companies based in the United States are wanting to make them more available without a prescription.

How To Fit It

Although this is a boil and bite device this one in particular takes a few extra steps in order to properly fit the device to your mouth.

1. Bring a pan of water to a boil. Remove the upper tray from the packaging and submerge it in the water for about 3 minutes.

2. Pull tray out of the water and allow it to cool for a moment before inserting it into your mouth.

3. Apply the tray to your upper teeth and gently press the device against your teeth in all areas. DO NOT BITE DOWN.

4. After a few seconds, place the tray into cold water and trim off any excess material for a comfortable fit.

5. Repeat step 1-2 for the bottom tray and attach it to the upper tray and insert it into your mouth to apply pressure with your jaw.

6. Remove device and trim off the excess of the bottom tray.

7. Repeat step 5 for the upper tray again.

8. Fit them both together and make any further adjustments you feel are necessary.

How It Is Different

This MAD has 7 different attributes that set it a part from other Mandibular Advancement Devices used for Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

  • About 10mm of adjustment to accommodate people who have an extreme over or under bite.
  • Two-Piece design easily comes a part for cleaning purposes.
  • Allows side to side movement for more comfort.
  • When fitted to your mouth this device is clear and less noticeable than others.

Developed and FDA approved through clinical testing by a veteran doctor.
Small air ports allow you to breath through your mouth when using it, while others require you to breath only through your nose.
Long lasting durability for up to 18 months or more.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a variety of websites that sell this device for around $150 plus the additional cost of shipping of about $7.50-$10.00.

It can also be purchased through your doctor with a prescription, to save you some money with your insurance or if you don’t feel comfortable fitting it at your own home.

An Experts Opinion

There are a lot of different MAD’s on the market today, and it can make for difficult decisions when choosing your anti-snoring device.

Having the ability to adjust this device forward for up to 10mm definitely sets this device a part from others.

It promotes trust and confidence by displaying the doctors name next to it, while also being FDA approved. If you live in a country that permits you to purchase one without a prescription. I would suggest giving the SomnoGuard a try to counter your snoring habits.

Water wipes – Chemical Free For Kids

waterwipes-uUSAI received free products to ease my analysis. My 2 years old adorable daughter suffers sometimes from eczema. Currently I have observed that my daughter, who is just 5 months old, is also suffering from eczema. Therefore, I decided to start using chemical free water wipes, which are good for your home, babies and yourself.

I have recently bought two cartons of the water wipes at my local target in order to get these tested. I was extremely happy as I came to know about water wipes. These wipes are entirely free of chemicals and contain only two ingredients.

My five years old kid enjoys playing in the mud, my two years old kid likes to get untidy overall and my five months old kid, well as you know that how much baby loves to poop. I must add that some people of our family are already using the water wipes. These wipes are produced by the European brand and I have already seen many positive comments about this brand.

If I share my experience regarding these water wipes, then I must say that really love these wipes, they are extremely soft. Moreover, when daughter or son has diaper rashes, then these rashes do not irritates my kids in fact these water wipes give my kids a very good clean.

Another amazing feature of these water wipes is that, they are resalable. Moreover, my five month old kid is a very untidy eater and likes to salivate, just as my all children do. As he is having medium level eczema on face, but luckily with the help of these water wipes, he is having a better clean without any sort of irritation.

The two basic and only ingredients which these water wipes have are grapefruit extract of around 0.1% and 99.9% distilled water. I have never used the chemical free water wipes which work amazingly with only two ingredients. Important to note that I got overwhelmed with this.

These water wipes are effective and durable. Moreover they give safer and natural choice for kids and home. As water wipes are free of chemicals, that why these wipe does not have any additives. An unopened carton is can be kept for sixteen months but if carton is opened, then you should use it within one month.

These water wipes also are not interfold, unlike to several other brands of wipes. It permits the sterile atmosphere within the carton to be retained. Just for this reason, it is highly recommended that never transfer the water wipes in another carton.

According to me, water wipes is an ideal chemical free alternative. I highly recommend these water wipes to all those people who want their water applies to be easy going, resalable and chemical free.

Vicks Vaporub for Cold Season and Cough – Family Custom

Vick-VaporubI still remember that I suffered from flu or cold from early years of my childhood, my mother always use Vicks in order to clear the nose plus ease the cough. For me, it was my loving memory, my mother took extra care.

Every time, I get flu or cold, my mother give me the hot water mixed with bit of lemon extracts, it follows soothing warm bath, put on Vicks vaporub on my rear and finally dress up me nicely in warm pajamas. After that, my mother tucks me in the bedroom and I feel better than before. These little worth remembering memories of my mother makes me cry. Moreover, I can remember the odor of Vicks especially when my mother twists its cover; I still remember that I suddenly feel much better.

Now I am having my own kids, I simply want to care and nature my kids in the similar way. For me it is quite challenging when children gets sick, my kids are small and hugs can merely assist so much.

Whenever my eldest daughter or son has flu or cold, I strictly follow the bedtime routine as my mother used to do with me. Here it is important to mention that in spite of the water with a lemon, my kids like cup of an apple nectar and few chicken noodles broth before warm bath. Furth more, they also like the warm water bottle.

Furthermore, my children want to feel warm, comfortable and safe by using the Vicks. So it can be said that my family has been using the Vicks from several years. Vicks is an ideal remedy in order to ease pain, cough and aches. Moreover aids those people suffering from stuffy noses.

It works immediately right away from moment Vicks applied. It really gives my kids a perfect sleep. As there are several brands which are available in the market but Vicks is perfect among all of them.

Moreover, it does not works merely for children, infect it is perfect for the entire family as it is topical cough remedy with the antibacterial vapors and aids overpower bad cough. It is a number one medicated suggested rub, to aid quiet persistent coughs, all night and day.

It contains eucalyptus oil, menthol, and camphor in order to relieve the coughs plus discomfort of pains and aches. It is useful in variety of different ways. Moreover, on throat and chest, it temporarily relieves the cough. On joints and muscles, it relieves minor pains and aches of joints and muscles.